At Alliance we focus our efforts on big service for your jobs big and small. Our energetic and resourceful team has the knowledge and skills for all your warranty repair work. With specialized training on all of the most popular brands, we are your one-stop shop for generator sales and repairs. We also buy and sell both new and used equipment.

Clean & Stable Power In Emergencies

Within seconds of your power outage our generators will provide a clean, stable power supply that protects your sensitive industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential electronics to give you the peace of mind to know you are covered in an emergency. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that whatever the reason, when your power goes out; you will still have the security of a backup generator ready to start at a moment’s notice.

Safety & Flexibility With Transfer Switches

Our transfer switches allow you to run hardwired items such as central air or a furnace fan and to route power to wall outlets. Transfer switches also eliminate the need to run extension cords into and out of the house which save a lot of time and aggravation since they also help to eliminate shock hazards, since even heavy-gauge cords can be hazardous when the ground is wet.

Custom Solutions For Any Application

ALLIANCE also specializes in customizing gen-set packages to specific requirements of an application. If there’s something special that you want, Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. are willing to think outside of the box to help choose options and configure a power package to your specifications. These gen-sets find work on farms, hospitals, schools, mines and shopping malls, to name but a few and we can even give you a custom paint job on it too!

Qualified Technicians & Support

We are a one stop supplier for all of your generator needs contact ALLIANCE!

Generator systems can be a vital part of keeping your business or home operating safely from unwanted powered…

Posted by Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. on Friday, June 15, 2018