Industrial Services


Looking for Control system hardware design? Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. is your answer. We can develop systems from scratch and also modify existing system according to project specific system requirements. Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. has been delivering various customized system designing solutions to various industries by integrating different  hardware ,depending on the required  reliability and cost effectiveness of the system.

We do our designing using the following software :

-AutoCad Electric.

-Eplan Electric P8.


We provide reliable: INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING AND FIELD TESTING services for industrial needs. We can undertake complete jobs from installation to I/O check and start-up. Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc., provides a unique approach for the Installation, Commissioning and Testing that will enable us to make your start-up process safer, reliable and more efficient. Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. follows 3P procedure for all Installation Commissioning and Testing applications to ensure maximum efficiency in terms reliability and time saving.

-Pre installation inspection

-Periodic installation inspection

-Post installation inspection.


Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. also provides complete upgrade solutions for your existing control systems. We can provide following upgrade services:Upgrade of existing system through proper planning and management to avoid down time. Utilizing the best of your existing system with modern available solutions to minimize the cost and complexity. PLC migration and upgrade to improve productivity and preserve you valuable investment. Existing control software modification without hardware modification to increase productivity.


Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. also provide hardware and software solution for your special application. We can transform your creative ideas in to reality using industry most effective and reliable techniques. Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. believes in the policy of POINT TO POINT solutions, therefore we offer customized solutions to directly fulfill our customer’s demands with accuracy. Standardized solutions may not fit to your complete requirements, therefore our clients are free to customize their own solutions depending on their technological requirements. Contact Us


We provide customizable HMI and SCADA solutions by integrating selected hardware and software on customer demands. An efficient easy to use visualization system always helps in increasing system operational efficiency. At Alliance Electrical & Automation Inc. we are expert in developing HMI using following platforms:

jRockwell Software FactoryTalkSE (Site Edition).

-Allen-Bradley PanelViewPlus


-Allen-Bradley PanelView Component – -Connected Components Workbench.

-Siemens Simatic WinCC and Wincc Flexible.

-TIA portal WinCC Comfort.

-Scheinider Vijeo designer.

-Wonderware Intouch.

-CX designer.

-Sysmac Studio NA series.


Our expertise with with different PLC systems has been the root cause of our success. While doing PLC software development we follow our well planned software structure that enables our users to perform future modifications and troubleshooting as needed. We are also open to follow our customer internal programming standards if they require our software development team is completely equipped with all the software tools and expertise on the following platform:

-Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and GuardLogix – Studio5000.

-Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix – Studio5000.

-Allen-Bradley SLC500 and MicroLogix – RSLogix500.

-Allen-Bradley PLC5 – RSLogix5.

-Allen-Bradley Connected component work bench.

-Siemens Simatic Manager.

-Siemens Simatic Manager S7 safety.

-TIA Portal.TIA Portal S7 safety.

-Siemens Logo.

-Schneider Zlio.

-Schneider UnityPro

-Schneider SO Machine.

-Sysmac Studio.

-Cx Programmer.